Summer Car Care Tips

8 Car Care Tips to Follow in Altamonte This Summer

We have all been asking this question: “Has Florida ever been this hot before?” The answer is probably. Still, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the weather, especially when we jump into our cars and find them blistering like the inside of a burning oven. So what can we do this summer to both keep ourselves cool when we hop in our cars and to protect our cars from the hot sun? Here are eight must-follow car care Altamonte tips that will save you from the heat:

Put Up a Windshield Sunshade

A windshield sunshade can make a big difference not only in the internal temperature of your car but also in the condition of your upholstery. Over time, the heat and the sun’s harmful UV rays can damage the dashboard, steering wheel, and even the seats, particularly if they are made out of leather. When these areas get overheated, they start to crack, and that is not a pretty look or a nice texture. The sunshade would protect the upholstery from that awful damage.

Cover Your Steering Wheel

Just like the windshield sunshade, a steering wheel cover can come in very handy during a sunny day. This car care Altamonte trick is pretty simple; you cover the steering wheel and it’ll never flake off from the extreme heat, allowing your hands more comfort. Besides, the steering wheel would not heat up, so you would not burn your hands.

Wash Your Car Often

Your car needs a good cooling down during a hot day just as much as you do. So if you find yourself running toward the protection of an air conditioned room, know that your car isn’t happy either. By washing your car regularly, you would be helping it stay cool and removing all the gross dirt.

Don’t Wash Your Car Under a Hot, Bright Sun

Although you should wash your car often, under no circumstances should you ever wash your car under the sun. When you wash your car under the sun, soap foam and water vaporize, leaving marks in their place. It’s not a pretty sight, since it can dull the color of your paint and make the car look extra dirty. If your car really needs a wash, put it in a shaded area for some time until it cools down or, better yet, park it in a garage if possible. Then drive your car to a car wash so that it can get a nice wash without the heat causing blemishes.

Add Seat Covers or Apply Conditioner to Leather Seats

Seat covers protect the car from staining as well as from the sun. So whether or not you have leather seats, adding seat covers can be a neat way to protect your car. However, if you do have leather seats, be sure to apply a high quality leather conditioner from time to time to keep the seats in shape.

Park in the Shade

An easy car care Altamonte trick is to park in the shade. You don’t have to do much, and you would be helping your car maintain its value.

Check the Car’s Battery

During an extremely sunny day, the water in battery fluids can evaporate, causing damage to the batteries. So it’s important to check on your car’s battery often.

Tint the Windows

This car care Altamonte tip is optional, but it can be truly helpful. Tinting your car protects your car’s interior and keeps it basically always cool. You will still need to protect the car’s exterior from the heat, though, since the paint can still chip if left under the sun for months.

Don’t let your car heat up this summer. With these 8 car care Altamonte tips, you’ll protect your car and drive off in a cool ride.