Altamonte Car Wash Ladies' Special

Come in for a Full Service Car Wash: Tuesday is Ladies’ Day

We use the best equipment for your car and for the environment, such as biodegradable detergents and tools that prevent your car’s paint from getting scratched. Here is what you will get with each full service car wash service at Lux:

Basic Full Service

Exterior Car Wash, Vacuum interior carpets, mats and seats. Interior Windows Cleaned. Dash and Console Dusted. Towel Dried, but of course, you get a discount on Ladies’ Day making this package only $14 on Tuesdays.

Super Full Service

At Lux Car Wash, on a regular day you can get the Super full service for $20. The service includes a basic full service wash, wheel cleaner, undercarriage wash, and UV protection (to protect your car’s paint and glass from getting sun damage). All of this for only $18 with your discount.

Deluxe Full Service

Just like the Super full service, the Deluxe gives you a basic full service wash, wheel cleaner, undercarriage wash, and UV protection, triple foam polish This service is discounted to $22 for interior and exterior cleaning.

Ultimate Full Service

For $30 on a regular day, the Ultimate full service gives you an exterior express wash, wheel cleaner, undercarriage wash, UV protection, the triple foam polish, and the tire shine. Additionally, you get the extreme shine wash and a complete surface protectant. PLUS and complete cleaning of the interior.

Get Your Car in When it is the Dirtiest

Did you know that everyday elements such as the sharp sun and hard rain can ruin your car? For instance, decaying love bugs on your car can eat at the paint because their bodies are acidic. So over time, if love bugs pile up, your paint can peel off, and that’s a sight no driver wants for his or her car. Therefore, rather than let everyday elements destroy your car, bring your car to Lux Car Wash on Ladies’ Day for a fantastic service at a great discount. Let us remove hard water stains and watermarks, tree sap and tree tar, those pesky decaying love bugs, regular Florida dirt, and even spider webs so that your car stays in shape. Why wait for another day when you have a perfect discount on Tuesdays?

Come for a full car wash service on Tuesdays for Ladies’ Day and get the discount you deserve. So let Lux Car Wash clean your car and turn it back to the way it was when you first purchased it! You won’t be regretful.