Lux Car Wash Altamonte

5 Stars: Why Lux Is the Top Car Care Car Wash in Altamonte

Lux Car Wash gets the car care Altamonte 5-star stamp of approval for many reasons. One of those reasons is the high-quality service. At Lux, the customer’s satisfaction is the goal. So many people swear by Lux’s great customer service, and you can see why in their 5-star rated reviews below:

“I brought my car in yesterday for a wash and interior detailing and it was the most pleasant experience I’ve had at a car wash. The manager on duty was very helpful and attentive. My car looked like it was brand new when I got into it and will definitely be back.” –Christine and Sean (Google review)

“They are easily the best in the area. When Sweetwater’s quality dropped, I started coming here. I got a detail inside out at Sweetwater and being Florida, it started to rain. Sweetwater drove my car out from under the cover (I have two toddlers) and I was standing in pouring rain trying to reconnect the car seats. Alone. Lux would never do that to me, in fact, they have offered to rehash and hand dry my car if that happened. They will stay my first choice always for that reason. Thank you, Maurice and Lux for your awesome service.” –Mercedes T. (Google review)

“Had always gone to Shiners (former name) prior to their machinery ripping the outside mirror off my husband’s SUV. Long story, but when they refused to stand by their promise to reimburse our repair we swore “never again”!

Well here I am. Second time here at Lux Car Wash. I’m really impressed. Their friendliness, professionalism & attention to detail is demonstrating to me their intent to overcome the previous car wash bad rep.” –Judy P. (Facebook review)

“Best NEW car wash in town… The remodel and new management and team are all perfect. They completely upgraded all of the car wash mechanical parts through the drive through. My car comes out looking amazing every time… I’m very particular of where I get my car washed as it’s new and black… This place never lets me down… From the first vacuum stage all the way to the very end where multiple employees are hand drying and making my tires look good… They also have the best prices on other services like hand wax etc… The manager is great to work with… Ask for him if you need anything and he will be more than happy to accommodate your detailed car needs… Oh and lastly, free vacuums with every car wash even the express basic washes… I will be back again and again. Thank you for taking the time to fix all the things that were wrong with the previous car wash and management team before you!!” –Johnny V. (Google review)

“This is the best car wash I’ve been to in years. Courteous and knowledgeable staff and the tunnel that my vehicle went through was Modern and state-of-the-art. My vehicle came out looking new. Thank you, guys!” Eric J. (Facebook review)

Lux Car Wash is the best at what it does becomes it goes above and beyond with its car care Altamonte service. Go check it out and see for yourself!