How to Save Money on a Car Wash in Longwood

How to Save Money with an Express Car Wash in Longwood

An express car wash is far better than leaving your car dirty for months. However, if you are the type of person who enjoys saving money, you might not want to go to expensive car washes. Still, you should know that you can save lots of money and get your car cleaned, and that’s by getting an express car wash Longwood at Lux Car Wash & Detail Center. How is going there going to save you money, you ask? Here’s how:

Lots of Fantastic Discounts!

Everyone loves discounts, especially when those discounts go hand in hand with great services. Which is why at Lux we give out several discounts throughout the week. If you come to Lux on Wacky Wednesdays, you can take $3 off express wash. There’s also Ladies’ Day on Tuesday, where ladies can come for lots of cool discounts, and there’s Men’s Day on Thursday, where men, too, can get amazing discounts. So you always have discounts at the ready whether it’s fall, spring, summer, or winter.

Take Advantage of the Free Vacuum

Ask an expert about the free vacuum at Lux Car Wash when you come for an express car wash Longwood and you’ll immediately get the service that you need without paying anything extra. Can you imagine getting an affordable express car wash at a discounted price plus a free vacuum on top of that? We can!

Join the Unlimited Car Wash Club

You can even join the Unlimited Car Wash Club get all the express car washes you need throughout that month you signed for. For an express wash, you can pay $20 a month and come any time you want as often as you want and get your car washed. That’s $0.66 a day. You can even come in each hour we are open to get your car washed without paying anything extra. So you end up saving money while getting an above and beyond service. Plus, if you want to end the membership, you can do so anytime. There is no long term contract involved.

You Save on Your Water Bills

Since you wouldn’t be wasting your own water to wash your car, you would actually be saving on water bills. Washing cars at home tends to cost much more than going to a car wash, and this is because at-home washes tend to rely on heavy water pressures. On the other hand, car washes recycle their water, which is why they cost less if you do the math. So when come to Lux Car Wash for an express car wash Longwood service, you really save lots of money.

Don’t throw your money away on car washes that don’t give you professional services. Come to Lux Car Wash for an affordable, great express car wash Longwood service.